The terroir itself contributes a great deal to our wine. The job we give ourselves is to extract from such land that harmony between elegance and power for our wines, in other words, to find that wonder which happens when the aromas and tastes love each other and come into perfect union in the wine.
But the terroir by itself is not enough. For us, such wine is made by paying utmost attention to details both in the vineyards and in the winery. Because each varietal, each clone in each parcel of the vineyards is cared for in function of his own needs, and the grapes are harvested at the right moment of maturation, then are fermented and aged separately as naturally and gently as possible until the wines are ready to be assembled and bottled as a blend or single varietal/vineyard wine. This means thousands of small gestures, some simple and some others complex, but all of them require a certain know-how. This means that, by necessity (given that we are a small artisanal estate), but most of all, by our own volition, every member of our Team must know, and in fact, can do everything in addition to his own specialization/s. To contribute to the quality of Batzella wines therefore, every one of the Team must want, and know how to combine passion with competence, insights with discipline/dedication, indeed he must work with his hands, his head and his heart: he must be an artist.
To promote the above spirit, we have continuous training to help deepen and update our knowledge and sensibilities toward the wine we make. For example, all team members participate in seminars that compare-taste wines made with low sulfure dioxyde, wines made in terracotta vats (like in antique times), that teach how to identify early symptoms of wine defects and illnesses, including courses for proper hygiene and safety procedures at the workplace.

Who works with his hands is a worker
Who works with his hands and his head is an artisan
Who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist

– Francesco of Assisi



Franco Batzella’s primary focus is on wine sales and marketing, and on hospitality, while Khanh Nguyen is responsible for production (vineyard and winery management).

In 1999 the husband and wife team, after some 20 years of respective careers at the World Bank in Washington DC, decided to return to Italy to take on a new life challenge. In search of Genius Loci (Spirits of the Place as the ancient Romans called it), they founded ex-novo in Tuscany, that enchanting land of vines and wines called Bolgheri, the winery estate Batzella. Following their motto, Quaerendo Invenietis (keep searching and you will find) they have combined their passion for perfection with the best practices in vineyard and winery management of today and yesterday (training at University of California at Davis and at Université de Bordeaux, and for Khanh, a Master degree in Vineyard and Winery Management under Professor A. Scienza at University of Milano) to make wines that express the typical characters of their terroir and traditions. In short, a constant endeavor to catch and give voice to the Genius Loci expressed through the grapes.

In this wine life, we ar not just a cuple, we are partners in synergy where 1+1 = 3 and more !



Alessandro Bugnar take care of the vineyards, winery and the stockrooms. Hes practically grew up with our estate, joining us in 2003 with the first harvest at the tender age of 19 years old. They are the 4 principal year-around hands of Team Batzella. For operations where timely work is important, they are helped by additional hands (young and not so young) who return to the estate year after year, for some of them since 2003 our very first vintage – so they know our vines and our wines, for them also working is not just work but has become a continuing interest, a passion.


The consulting team from Gruppo Matura: Attilio Pagli and Laura Zuddas in enology, Stefano Bartolomei in agronomy, all being well known for their sensibilities and respect of terroir in winemaking.