The Batzella estate and tasting facilities are located in the heart of the Bolgheri Apellation, mid way between the medieval villages of Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, in an area called Località Badia. This località or Lieu-dit in French is named Badia because according to local archives it belonged to an antique Franciscan monastery complex, complete with church, cemetary and extensive cultivated fields around it, known as Abbadia Santa Maria in Aschis.

Welcome to BATZELLA

Our guided tour will take you to the vineyards and winery where you can see in details how we make our wines at the estate. Following the tour there is a tasting of all our wines in the vintages currently available as well as of our grappas, in our tasting room or, when the weather is nice, on the terrace overlooking our vineyards with view of Castagneto Carducci perched at mid hill. The tasting visit generally lasts between one and two hours, depending on your interests and the time you have available.

We can also organize special events for groups of 20 persons maximum in our tasting rooms or in the vineyards, with or without paring of wines with local gastronomic specialities. Please inquire for details.

The visits, tastings and special group events are available only on advance appointment to allow us to organize the events such as to be able to offer you the best possible hospitality when you are here. You can make reservation directly online, filling out the form below. See you here soon!

BOOKING and INFORMATIONS: - Tel. +39 0565 775776 - Mob. +39 339 3975888

A little bit of local history, for history buffs...

We have had many people ringing our door bell to ask where is the Badia Santa Maria in Aschis which is indicated as nearby on their map. Indeed our winery and vineyards are located at the crossing of Via della Badia di Sopra and a white road that used to be part of the antique Via Emilia, at some 400 m of where stood the antique Badia S. Maria in Aschis and its church. But first, why in Aschis? Aschis could mean sacks, from the Latin ascu , Greek askòs, sacks of grain which was predominantly cultivated in the area. It could also derive from lasco, laschi, from the German word lasch which means soft, watery – in effect, the area was swampy as elsewhere in the Maremma in old times. An interpretation by an expert of Etruscan civilization of the word Aschis attributes its origin to the Etruscan asc-laie, in Latin asc-aeis which likely refers also to the swampy nature of the land. So, it’s Santa Maria in the Fields, or is it in the Swamps? A few years back, while digging in this area to install a methanol pipeline some 400m away from our winery, some very thick walls were found and attributed as remnants of the monastery, and in fact were dated by archeologists back to ancient Roman times. Based on local archives and historians, the Badia was already mentioned as early as 1401 in the testament of Count Duccio di Dea who gave “60 fiorini to the Badia S. Maria in Aschis”. In 1346, the monastery complex was owned by the Monastery San Giusto of Volterra, who in 1695 sold the whole complex to the powerful local noble house of Gherardesca for 460 scudi. Subsequently, it is told, the church of the Badia was the focal point for important celebrations of the Day of Ascension with 3 races (one for men, one for women and one with horses) followed always by a big tumultuous scuffle when monies were thrown out into the procession crowds, all of which remain still quite alive in the memories of local people to this day when there is no more physical remnants to show. Source: Luciano Bezzini, Castagneto historian.


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