Batzella WINERY

Welcome to the Batzella winery and its wines of character and elegance born from the love of Bolgheri and its culture.

Located in Bolgheri, on central coast Tuscany, the Batzella winery estate was founded in 2000 by Khanh Nguyen and Franco Batzella. The commitment of this husband-wife team is to make elegant and genuine wines, with a personality that expresses the best of their terroir. The Bolgheri area is enchanting, surrounded by soft rolling hills and by the Tyrrhenian sea. Its soils and micro climate are perfect for the Cabernet varietals, by now considered local to Bolgheri, to reach full maturation, resulting in wines that can be distinctively elegant. In this land, the Batzellas are pursuing their passion: to find that elusive harmony between elegance and power for their wines.


Where the wine artisan becomes artist to interpret the Bolgheri territory

“We are proud to say: at Batzella, the wine artisan has become artist to interpret the territory of Bolgheri. It’s a challenge taken up 15 years ago, and realized with the success of our wines which are appreciated by wine lovers and critics in all parts of the world. But the challenge for a vintner does not end: it is an eternal quest that starts over every year and every harvest, with new fascinating variations at every vintage, on the same theme, like the Goldberg Variations of Bach: a music, or rather an emotion, a work, a wine, which has no ending, the same but always new, for which passion is necessary together with technical experience, insights are necessary together with dedication, in the hope of achieving mastery, of arriving at a state of wonder. ” Quaerendo invenietis - keep looking and you will find.